Frequently Asked Questions

I checked and the unit I want is available, what do I do next? If you have checked the Availability Calendars and the unit you want is available for the time you wish, fill out a simple reservation form at

Is it safe to use the on-line reservation/payment form? Yes. In fact, online payments are statistically safer than using your credit card at a restaurant or department store. Technical experts state that online purchases are far safer because the information is immediately encrypted into a scrambled message that can only be decrypted by an authorized computer.

I still do not trust on-line payment, is there another way? Sure, we will also take a check. Make it out and mail to: “William Jugenheimer” 41315 N Club Pointe DR, Anthem, AZ 85086. You can also do a “direct deposit”. Walk into any Banco Popular or Wells Fargo bank and make a direct deposit into our bank account

I just made my reservation and I cannot see/open the attachments sent with the email? We send the attachments in .PDF format and most all devices should be able to open them, but we have found that some smart phones/Ipads/Iphones have “issues”. Try using a regular computer to open attachments. If that still does not work, check the security settings in your email program you are using, it may not be allowing any attachments. If you are still having problems and are not comfortable with computers, we can email everything to a friend and he/she can get them to you, or as a final solution ($5 charge), we can also send them by US priority mail.

I never received any email with the move-in information, directions? door code? We always send an email with ALL the above information on the date you made the reservation. Please refer back to the emails you received on that date. Also, check your spam folder or your email settings. You might not be set up to receive emails with attachments. In case you “forgot” to save it, or you deleted it, or in the VERY rare case the internet “swallowed it”, we are happy to resend the paperwork to you. You can also review our rental agreement, and get directions on our web site

How do I pay? We accept many types of payment arrangements. Most people pay by charge card on our web site. You can also pay by direct deposit into our Wells Fargo account (ask for the account number). We also just started using Zelle® a person-to-person payment service. Most banks are now using it or you can down load the app. Use my email If in Puerto Rico go to any Banco Popular bank and deposit money (ask for the account number). Or simply write a check, or money order made payable to: “William Jugenheimer” and mail it to 41315 N Club Pointe Dr , Anthem AZ 85086,

When, and how much do I need to pay? If you did not pay in full, please remember our payment agreement is to make a total of 2 “prompt” and “on time” payments. We need 1 payment in the amount of at least 50% of balance owed at least 12 months in advance, and the second payment of 100% of the balance owed at least 90 days in advance of your rental. To change to a custom payment schedule, to make “installment payments”, or if you do not pay when your balance is owed, a nominal (3%) surcharge will apply. If there is no other arrangements/communication, and no payment is made, the reservation will be cancelled and your name will be taken off the calendar. If/When payment is made (and the same dates are still available) the reservation will again be honored, but a $200 change fee will be charged to re-instate your reservation.

Can I make installments or change the payment schedule? Yes! We always try to be flexible and we always will try to arrange a payment schedule that fits your budget. Our rates are based on making 2 payments. 50% 12 months and 100% paid 90 days before the rental. Please let us know if you need a different payment schedule and/or would like to make more than 2 payments. To change to a “custom payment” schedule that is different from ours, or to make “installment payments” a nominal (3%) surcharge will apply. We suggest if you are collecting money from a large group, please save up and make just one payment to us.

Is there a fee to use my charge card? While there is no fee to place your initial payment, a 3% fee charge card fee is applied to the balance of your reservation if you elect to make payments by charge card. There is no charge card fee if you pay your entire reservation in full by charge card.

Do you offer any discounts? Yes, we do! We offer discounts during certain times of the year, as well as for length of stay and for guests who elect to pay by check/direct deposit. In addition, from time to time we offer special discounts to our good repeat guests. Please contact our office for more information and current specials. See our rates.

What if I have a large group renting multiple villas, why can I not get a large discount? Past experience has clearly indicated that having 1 large group renting multiply units tend to cause a LOT MORE work, not less! We have found that dishes, plates, and glasses, etc all get mixed up and most times end up in the wrong units. At times, chairs and tables end up where they do not belong. Many times there tend to be more “accidental damage” done with large groups vs. if the unit was rented to smaller individual families or groups. In addition, we have found there is more garbage and trash left behind that needs to be dealt with. It is because of these reasons it is very common to charge an “event fee” to cover the increase in expenses that large groups tend to cause.

What if I have to cancel, what is your policy? We have a Non-Cancellation Policy…. But, if you HAVE to cancel, and you have also ignored our advice to buy insurance, let us know, we will still try to help. All notices of cancellations, for any reason, are to be made in writing. Your account will be charged 10% of the total reservation amount with a $200 per unit minimum as a cancellation fee. If/When a notice is received more than 90 days before the rental date, all attempts to re-rent the property will be made. If the property does not get rented, any deposits or prepaid rental fees will be forfeited and you would be liable for the amount of that reservation. If the property does get re-rented, the amount of money collected will be credited to your account. Example: You had 1 week rental and we re-rented it for 6 days, you get 100% of what we collect (6 days) and will not get credit for the 1 day. If less than a 90 day notice is given, 100% of all money collected will be retained.

Why is your cancellation policy so strict? We find that only 5 to 10% of travelers buy trip insurance. To keep our rates low as possible, and because most people do not want cancellation insurance we DO NOT include cancellation/trip insurance in our rates. We try to make it clear with our base/low rates we have a “No Cancellation Policy”. Private vacation home rentals are different from chain hotels. You are renting a high quality “one of a kind” home, unlike a 200 unit hotel, where all/most of the rooms are all the same. Most of our reservations are made 1 year (or more) in advance and we do NOT get last minute people deciding to rent a larger more expensive home. When you place a reservation, the dates and unit(s) are reserved for you. From the time your reservation is made, we start turning away future guests. For this reason it is impossible to have the same liberal (last minute) cancellation policy as a hotel. For those that want a more “Liberal Cancellation Policy”, we HIGHLY recommend you purchase trip insurance.

I do not want to risk losing any money, what should I do? Buy Insurance – If you think you may have to cancel and are concerned about losing your deposit, we recommend that you purchase travel insurance. For more information and an overview see How To Protect Your Vacation at, What Does Travel Insurance Cover at and also 5 Rules For Saving Money On Travel Insurance at Some additional suggested sites to price different policies are Insure My Trip at . or Quotewright at . They all search for the best travel insurance prices for you.

Why should I buy Trip Insurance, I do not plan on cancelling? For the same reason you do not plan on your house burning down, but you buy house insurance… just in case. Trip Insurance can also cover you for more than just cancellations. Anything that is out of our control like: weather, acts of God, airlines, acts of war, viruses, we make it clear we are not liable. In simple terms “We are not liable for anything that we cannot be liable for”. The list can be quit long. If you want to be protected, Please Buy Trip Insurance. If you wish to assume this risk yourself, then No, do not purchase Trip Insurance. For more details please read the Rental Agreement under Liability Waiver and Disclaimer

What if I have to make changes in my reservation? Short Answer – Basically we have a No-Change policy…. But, if you HAVE to make changes, and you ignored our advise to buy insurance, let us know, we will still try to help. Any change will be subject to a change fee of at least $200. When a reservation is made, those dates are reserved for you and we start turning away other guests that make inquiries for that time for that unit. If you need to move those dates back or forward a bit, (still renting same amount of days and still maintaining most of the same dates) we try to be flexible, but a $200 change fee will apply. If you wish to increase the length of your stay, we will be happy to do so based on availability and we will waive the change fee. But if you decrease the length of your stay, it becomes harder to do since we had those dates and that unit reserved for you and most likely we have turned away future guests because you had that unit reserved for those dates. That is the reason we do not allow any decrease in the length of your stay, or any decrease in the number of units you are renting. Also rescheduling for completely different dates, or different unit, is the same as a cancellation and will be subject to our cancellation policy. See cancellation policy above.

What are you doing about the Coronavirus? We understand your concerns. We deeply care about your safety and as this situation evolves, we suggest you keep yourself informed and check with the World Health Organization for the most up to-date information. We do take every precaution and make sure our place is cleaned and sanitized before and after every rental. We have been allowing rescheduling on a case by case basis and all change fees have been waived. Contact the office.

Is the Coronavirus covered under Trip Insurance? I am not a trip insurance expert and do not sell trip insurance. It is my understanding there are MANY types of trip/cancellation insurance policies available and you need an insurance expert (not me) to help guide you to get the right one to cover you for your concerns. I do know the standard policy only covers you for basic situations, but there are policies available that allow cancellations for ANY REASON.

How do I get in? Where do I pick up the keys? You do not use keys. We use special “smart” door locks that have pushbutton security. You will be given a special door code and you use that code to open the door. The locks monitor who, and when, someone enters or leaves

What are the check-in procedures? When you place a reservation, you will receive all the move-in instructions and directions. What if I have problems getting in, or with the door lock? We put in fresh batteries and test the door locks just prior to your arrival and make sure they are functioning. Most issues are with people being tired and in a hurry. Please take your time and firmly and slowly push each button, one at a time. When you push the last number, wait, the door should open. If you mess up, wait 60 seconds and try again. DO NOT keep pushing buttons quickly, it will lock you out. If you are using the correct code and can hear the door lock making noise “trying to work” mostly likely it is the result of the door pin and the door hole in the door jamb not being 100% lined up. Try “wiggling” (push/pull) the door a bit while trying the code. If after trying several attempts call the local contacts and he/she will help. Please remember to also take all contact numbers with you, so you have all the phones number handy.

What time is check-in and check-out? Check in is anytime after 3 PM and check out is before 10 AM. What about early check-in or late check-out? Most times we can do either 1 hour early or 1 hour late at no charge, but depending on how busy we are, sometimes it is not possible. Early Check-In or Late Check-Out fees are 10% of your daily rate. Example: $300 rate is $30 per hour for any extra hours. Late check out after 3PM is another day rental fee. All times are rounded up to the nearest full hour. If you have requested for late check-out please check with the manager after you check in to make sure we still can honor the request. If we can no longer honor the request, you will be given a full refund of the early/late fees paid. VERY IMPORTANT – We do remotely monitor when guests check in and when they check out. Any guests found to move in early or check out late without making prior arrangements will be charged 20% of the daily rate per hour for all hours beyond the agreed to hours mentioned in this agreement.

Can we invite extra people? We enforce a very strict occupancy limit of 2 per bedroom. We are renting the home to the number of people you indicated on your reservation form. No additional guests or no “visitors” are allowed to come on our property without prior approval. At some point during your stay our manger will do a “Meet n Greet” to answer any questions and to assure you have no issues. He/she will also be checking on the number of guests. In addition, we have cameras on the premises for your security to assure that there are not any people on the property that do not belong on the property. We also count the number of beds slept in. If any violation in occupancy occurs, you will be asked to leave immediately and any refundable deposit will be forfeited for breach of this contract. Also see the question and answer below about getting a discount for large groups

Do children count as extra people? Yes, children are people! They sleep in a bed, use water electricity etc. Extra people means extra work and extra costs. Extra laundry, cleaning etc. Our experience has shown that when you have extra people it is more likely that “things happen” like broken items. We do not charge a lot, just a bit more to offset these costs

Can we bring our dog? Yes, but only with prior approval. No pets are allowed unless previous arrangements have been made and the extra pet fee (currently $75) has been paid. If a violation in occupancy occurs, you will forfeit any deposit. Management also reserves the right to immediately terminate the rental and any money paid will be forfeited for any breach of this contract.

What if someone in our group cannot come, do I get a reduced rate? No. When you place your reservation that is for “maximum” number of people allowed. If there any changes in the reservation, we will try to accommodate, but changes fees will apply.

What are your office hours? We are a small office and only open “as needed”. Most times you will have to leave a message and we will get back to you promptly. Also see the below for more details of who to contact.

What if I have problems/questions/concerns during my stay, who should I contact? Please contact your manager NOT the office, or Joyce. That is the REASON they are there. We are a smaller office in Phoenix Arizona and we are only open “as needed” so most times we are NOT available. It is a LOT better for you to go direct to the manager. Contact the office if you have questions about your bill, but everything else should go through the manager. Please give the manager a reasonable time to respond. Please understand their normal working hours are Monday to Friday and unless it is an emergency, try to limit contacting them on weekends and late at night.

Why do you have so many rules? Your policies seem very restrictive We do provide a very nice place and we do want to know what is happening on our properties…. so, Yes, we are very restrictive to the number of guests in each home and we do not allow extra visitors, parties and events (without our knowledge or permission). These restrictions help us keep our properties in the condition our guests have come to expect during their stay. I personally, would NOT want to rent from someone who is NOT restrictive and has “No Rules” for their property. Having restrictions and rules are an indication of a “well run” nicer/quieter property.

Do you charge for A/C? Short answer “no”, but we monitor and charge you for “abusive use”. During the summer it can get hot, so we have A/C available for your comfort and reasonable use of electricity is included with our rates. Electricity is VERY expensive in Puerto Rico and our A/C (electric) bill has been over $3000 per month ($100 per day)! Because of past abuse, we have installed monitors that allow us to remotely monitor the A/C settings. “Think Green” and try to minimize the A/C requirements. Please keep the AC off when it is not needed or if you are gone for the day. We suggest you open the windows during the night and close them when the heat of the day comes. Please DO turn on the ceiling fans; doing this you will find that the A/C is not needed, or not needed as much. Recommended setting is 78 (25 Celsius) or higher. For those that use the A/C reasonably there are not any surcharges. There is a modest $20 daily surcharge for any settings at or below 72 (22 Celsius). We consider any setting at or below 69 (20 Celsius) to be “unreasonable use of utilities” and to be in violation of the rental agreement. See Utilities and Violation sections for more details. Please be aware of the thermostat settings! Part of your deposit will be charged and not returned. If you have any questions, please contact us. Please note: setting the temperature lower DOES NOT get the house cooler quicker!

What supplies are included? We have some basic “starter supply” of toilet paper, paper towels, coffee filters, garbage bags, kitchen spices, etc that come with the villa. If you need more they can be obtained at any local store. Also see the web site “What to Bring” at and “Amenities Included” at

Why are you charging a deposit? Our goal is to keep the properties in top condition to ensure guests get what they expect and deserve. The deposit is there to ensure everyone follows the terms of the rental agreement, and to cover any costs of any damages that might occur during your stay, or any excess cleaning required. The property must be returned in the same condition or deductions will be made from the deposit.

When do I get my deposit back? Our paperwork says 30 days from move out date, but most times it is a lot sooner. We do not do refunds every day. We do refunds once or twice each month so depends when you rented.. it COULD BE up to 30 days, but again, MOST Times, it is a lot sooner.

How do I make sure to get my deposit back? Just make sure everyone staying at the house follows all the rules, and make sure there is not any damage done or extra cleaning required. Our goal is to keep the properties in top condition to ensure guests get what they expect and deserve. The deposit is there to ensure no damage has been made to the home during your stay, or any excess cleaning is required. Shortly after your stay we do a thorough walk through to inspect the condition. We are looking for any damage or extra cleaning that might be required. Damage includes but is not limited to scratches or stains on furniture, missing or broken kitchen supplies or home décor, stained towels and bedding, carpet stains or chipped paint. Excessive cleaning includes but is not limited to beer cans/water bottles/cigarettes butts or other debris left all over and not bagged and taken to trash areas. The cost of any damages or excess cleaning caused by the guests will be charged to the guest placing the reservation. Please refer to your move out check list for more detail. Please help us maintain a luxury vacation home.

Can I purchase insurance for property damage protection? Yes, if you are concerned about the costs of damages, we HIGHLY recommend Damage Protection Insurance. Damage Protection Insurance allows travelers to protect themselves from additional expenses should damage occur to a rental property during their stay. While no one expects to damage a rental property, accidents do happen. Damage Protection is recommended if you are traveling with children, pets, or in a group. By paying a small fee for Damage Protection you can safeguard your security deposit refund. Please visit Insure My Trip at for more information and to purchase coverage. Please purchase Damage Protection Insurance if you are concerned about damages or deductions from your deposit from damages.

Do we still get charged if something got damaged and “it was an accident” or it was “not our fault”? Yes, that is the reason of the deposit. You are responsible. Also I would hope no one would intentionally do damage! After your rental, our goal is to quickly get the home in the same condition as when you arrived and those costs will be deducted from your deposit no matter who’s at fault, if it was accidental or not. Deductions will be made from the deposit. It is very simple: We check the property before you move in and deductions will be made if the property is not in the same condition when you move out. It does not matter what happened.

I am with a group, how do I protect myself from being charged for damage I did not do? To protect yourself from being held responsible for damages in a villa you are not staying in, we have a couple of suggestions: 1. Best protection for you is to purchase damage insurance. Go Insure My Trip at for more information and to purchase coverage. Please purchase Damage Protection Insurance if you are concerned about damages or deductions from your deposit from damages. 2. You can have each villa reserved by an individual occupying the villa, therefore, this person will be held responsible for any damages incurred in that villa. 3. If you are reserving the villa, but not staying in it, we suggest you designate someone to be responsible for all charges that may occur due to damage; however, this will be an agreement between the two of you and not with us. Please know whoever is listed as the reservation holder for each villa will be held accountable for all damage costs. Also see Occupancy.

Are you on the beach? We are located RIGHT ON THE BEACH, unlike other places that are “close to”, or “steps away from the beach”, it is right outside your door! In fact, there are times when winter storms and waves come and the water hits our seawalls. This will happen more at Villa 2, less at Villa 3, Villa 4, then rarely at Villa 1.

What is the beach like? After the last hurricane, the beach seems to change quickly and often, so it is hard to say for sure what it will be like during YOUR stay. Our beach is considered a “swimming beach” which is on the south side of Rincon on Playa Corcega. At the water’s edge, there is a smooth flat rock ledge which extends out into the warm ocean about 30 feet and is about 4 feet deep. This rock ledge is normally covered with sand and short “sea moss” and is very comfortable to walk on. This makes for great swimming. If you enjoy snorkeling, check out the fish that hang out at the edge of the rock ledge. Also, right next door to our property is the public beach which always seems to have a larger sandy area to enjoy! A short distance away on the north side of the point is where the surfers go, which is considered the “surf” side. Check out our web site for pictures of the beach by our villas. Again – Disclaimer/Caution: We cannot guarantee great weather, calm waters, amount of sand on the beach (if any), etc. Weather and storms come and go and so does the size of our beach. But, Most of the time, we have gentle waves, clear water, and sand on the beach.

What is your address? We are located on Corcega Beach, just south of the “downtown” central plaza. Unlike the states, the addresses at times (particularly on the beach) in Puerto Rico are sort of “made up”? We say we are at “2950 Calle 10 Rincon, PR 00677”, but please do not try to use that address to send mail, or rely on it. If you have a GPS, our exact coordinates are Latitude 18°19’16.10″N and Longitude 67°14’50.76″W This is for villa 1, villa 2, 3 and 4 are just down the street a few homes. For scrollable map showing all our villas locations click on Sunset Paradise Map which can be found at 67.241851&lvl=16&sty=r&cid=8D434F96DE3386FE!34555&form=LMLTCC When you make a reservation, you will receive exact driving directions on how to get to our villas.

What is the surrounding neighborhood like? Rincon is a small island town and the majority of the people live simply, and with basics only. Rincon is a great mix of culture and tourists attractions providing a real cultural experience. The neighborhood is a very typical Puerto Rican neighborhood. We ourselves have lived in that neighborhood and we have ALWAYS found the people very friendly. Even today when we come to visit and see some old neighbors, they go out of their way to smile, wave and say “hi”. If you want an “all inclusive” type of “resort” and have guards and a security gate then we might not be the best fit. If you want a private beach home with all the top amenities, in a typical Puerto Rican neighborhood, we are the place for you!

How far apart are your Villas? All villas are next door to each other except there is 1 house between out Villa 3 and Villa 4. It takes about 15 seconds to walk from Villa 1 to Villa 2, which are the two units that are the farthest apart. Villa 3 and 2 are side by side and actually attached. In addition, there is a walkway to connect the villa 2 upper to the Villa 3 Upper units. Same is true for Villa 1 and Villa 4. There is a walkway to connect the 2 units on the main/lower floors. (we do not have a “villa 4 upper” yet) So when you are deciding on which units to rent, consider going “sidewise” in addition to up/down.

In what order are the villas located? Walking down the street from the North (away from the public beach) We first have our Villa 2 and Villa 3 is right next door and actually attached to Villa 2. There is 1 house we do not own then we have Villa 4 and then our Villa 1, which is also attached to Villa 4. For scrollable map showing all our villas location click on Sunset Paradise Map which can be found at 67.241851&lvl=16&sty=r&cid=8D434F96DE3386FE!34555&form=LMLTCC

Why is Villa 1 next to Villa 4? Why are they not “in numerical order”? Good Question! They are named in order of purchase, not in order of location. When we bought Villa 1 it was just called “Sunset Paradise” There was no “Villa 2” or “Villa 1 upper”, etc. Then when we bought our next home, the name “Villa 1” and “Villa 2” came about to describe each home. Then we built the upper on top of “Villa 2” and it seemed logical to call it “Villa 2 Upper”. So when we bought our next one, it logically became “Villa 3”, etc.

Do I need a passport? No, Puerto Rico is part of the U.S. and it is just like traveling to any other state. Just bring your driver’s license.

Are the stores open on Sundays and Holidays? There are many Holidays in Puerto Rico! Get a list at Some say more holidays are celebrated in Puerto Rico than anywhere else in the world! All government agencies are closed on any holiday, but recent legislation allows businesses to be open. On Sundays many businesses are open from 11AM till 5PM.

Are there restaurants close by? Yes, there are a few restaurants close by and many more within a short drive. As you can imagine, it is hard/impossible to keep an up-to-date list of all the restaurants and their hours and detailed information is impossible. We recommend using a restaurant guide like Trip Advisor that is constantly being updated for the latest information. You can also pick up several local free papers like that are widely available at local stores. Are there grocery stores nearby? Yes, there are several grocery stores close by. See our guidebook section Where can I Find at for more information on finding where they (and many other businesses) are located.

Do you have a grill? Yes, each unit has its own private gas BBQ grill to use.

How far are you from San Juan? We are about 3 hours from San Juan, depending on how fast you drive and what time of day you arrive in San Juan. San Juan is a large city and traffic does get heavy at times, particularly going into San Juan in the morning. Please allow extra time if you are catching a flight in San Juan. Traffic can get bad.

Do you have a baby crib for my use? We have a baby crib, booster chair and a pack-n-play for your use. It is available on a “first come” basis and you should call housekeeping, no more than 2 days prior to your arrival. To reserve it.

What is the latest regarding the Zika virus and Puerto Rico? First, I want to say this is NOT just a Puerto Rico issue and isolated JUST to Puerto Rico. It is certainly possible you could get the Zika virus no matter where you are. It has been reported just about everywhere in the world. Zika has even been reported in the “dry” state of AZ, where Joyce and I live! It is also NOT a “new issue”. The virus has been around for at LEAST 40 years! It is a shame, but (my opinion) this has been “blown up” larger than it is. Please read more reasons NOT to cancel your trip at Of the very few confirmed cases of Zika in Puerto Rico (on an island of close to 4 MILIION full time residents plus additional MILLIONS of visitors) all have been very minor and none “life threatening”

What does the CDC (Center For Disease Control) say about Zika? I just read an article and the CDC said: “Effects of Zika virus is typically very mild, and most people do not even get sick enough to go to the hospital. It is rare that people would get very sick and VERY rare that anyone will die from Zika.” My Personal Thoughts/Notes: My wife and I just returned from an extended stay in Puerto Rico and earlier in the year, our daughter and son-in-law and several close friends also stayed there. This seems to be a “non-issue” in PR. The people I spoke to living in Puerto Rico do not seem to be at all concerned. Sort of like flying in an airplane, it COULD crash, but that should not keep you from flying. But, I also understand some people will just be afraid no matter what. We do not seem to have mosquito problems in Rincon compared to “in-land” in the dense jungles. We are on the ocean and most times there seems to be a breeze which I think greatly helps. My Recommendations: Use common sense, use bug spray, wear long sleeves, keep doors and windows closed. FYI – I have not received ANY mosquito complaints from any of our guests, it really is a “non-issue” Update 2017: Puerto Rico has experienced a 96 percent reduction in the number of new Zika cases since the peak in October 2016, the Puerto Rico Tourism Company expressed optimism recently heading into 2017. Over the past 10 weeks, there has been a markedly steady decline of reported new Zika cases, with new cases of Zika infection peaking at 5,317 for the week of Oct. 7-14, but by the week of Dec. 19-23 reported cases had decreased to a low of 222. Is Puerto Rico “Safe”? For the most part, common sense is all you need to be safe in Puerto Rico. San Juan is like a lot of big cities and when walking at night, try to stay in well-lit, populated areas. Rincon is a small town, and very little major crime occurs in Rincon. Most crime that occurs is “crime of opportunity”. Again, Common sense should be used! Example: Do not leave your car unlocked with an expensive camera inside. We suggest that you always lock your doors at night and when you leave. Make sure you do not leave beach chairs on the beach, or anything of value lying around. You are held responsible for any loss or missing items. Just use common sense and do not invite trouble. Do not be alarmed by Police cars driving around with flashing lights on at night. They have them on when they are patrolling the streets at night. Also see for Basic Facts You Should Know About Puerto Rico.

Are there security cameras on the property? We have two camera systems. One system is set up outside throughout the property and aimed at the gates and entrances. A second system has been installed inside all of the villas to record anyone entering our villas. Our office will be notified as soon as you enter the villa to alert us of your arrival. The camera is aimed at the front door only and not inside the home. Guests MAY switch off, or unplug the inside camera upon arrival, but please remember to turn the camera back on upon check out.

Does my cell phone work? Yes, almost all cell phones work, BUT you should contact your cell provider to find out more about their exact coverage on the island. Some cell phones services work better than others.

Do you offer high speed internet? Yes we do! It is offered at no additional costs or fees! We have at least 7 different “hotspots” so you should have signal no matter where you are. If one network connection is down walk around and try another connection or create your own hotspot with your phone and use your phone data.

Does the internet ever go down? Yes, it is Puerto Rico and at times things do not work as they should. But the good news is we have upgraded the internet and have two separate/independent internet sources. 2018 Update: It appears the internet is getting more “unreliable”. At times, it is up/down many times in a day and COULD BE down for days! We have reported this many times and the answer is “we are working on it” and “it will fixed soon”. Good News – You can use your data from your phone and create a hotspot for the times it is down.

Do you have a swimming pool? Yes, we do. We have the only rooftop infinity pool in Rincon! It is located on the rooftop of Villa 2 and Villa 3. It is available only for Sunset Paradise guests! It does not matter which unit you are staying in. It is a short walk from any Villa. It is very private, up in the tree tops with GREAT views! There is also a bathroom/changing room and several shaded areas, with many lounge chairs. No matter the number of guests it always seems to be private areas to relax and enjoy the rooftop area. We never had issues.

What size is the pool? It looks “small”? The pool is 13’ 8” by 17’ 4” and is 5’ 2” deep. It is the largest rooftop pool in Rincon! Yes, “Rooftop” pools are normally a little smaller than other “in ground” pools because of the weight of the pool.

Do you have a Jacuzzi (hot tub)? Yes, we do. We have TWO! One is located close by the rooftop pool and we just finished adding another separate hot tub up a flight of stairs between Villa 1 and Villa 4. Both the pool and spa areas are open to all our guests, no matter which villa you are staying in.

What should I bring? Just about everything is furnished, but click on the following links for more information: Things to Bring at MOST IMPORTANT thing to bring is – A Good Attitude, so you can relax and enjoy. It is slower paced in the tropics, My Best Advice- “Relax, Chill Out and Go with the Flow” Not all things go “as planned” in Puerto Rico, so kick back and relax and take in the Good Things. Embrace the “Manana Attitude”.

How are we different from a hotel? There are many differences between us and a “resort” or a hotel. We do not offer you “24 hour room service” or night time “turn down” and we do not put a mint on your pillow. We try to provide you with a different, more private experience than what you would have by renting a small room at some large hotel or resort complex. Instead of being with hundreds of other “tourists”, we offer a completely furnished private home with all the fine amenities that you may want! Our goal is to have you relax, unwind and get comfortable. Enjoy the beauty the ocean offers along with the Puerto Rican culture. We want you to think of this home as your home, “mi casa es su casa.” and to experience the casual life style of living on the beach. We have provided you with many general supplies – a reasonable amount of toilet tissue, a roll of paper towels, dish soap, dishwasher detergent in units having dishwashers, some bath soap/shampoo. As well you most likely will find coffee filters, some spices left by other guests. If you need additional supplies there are many different stores to provide you with your needs. Also see next question below.

Do you have a washer and dryer? Yes, we do have a washer and dryer on our property and it is available at no charge for our guests staying with us for 4 nights or longer. PLEASE NOTE: We do NOT provide laundry soap.

What about daily/additional housekeeping and laundry? We of course provide clean towels and linens when you move in and you have access to a washer and dryer. (Please note: we do NOT provide laundry soap). If you want additional housekeeping services, please let us know in advance and we will pass your request on to our housekeeping staff. We prefer you work out your exact request and pay directly to them and compensate them directly. The going rate for this type of service is around $10 per hour. Please, DO NOT use the white bath and hand towels or the beach towels provided to clean up any mess. A box of cleaning rags is available for guest use. White towels should ONLY be used for bathing. The cost of replacing any white towels will be charged against your deposit. Please contact our cleaning manager if you have any questions.

What if something breaks or we have problems? Please contact our maintenance personnel, not the office. The latest contact info is always found on our web site Please understand we rent private homes and we are not a major resort or hotel. We do NOT have 24 hour maintenance staff. Please try to limit routine/nonemergency calls to Monday to Friday from 9 to 3. If something breaks or malfunctions, once notified, we will do whatever we can to either fix or replace any appliance or equipment in a reasonable timely manner. Please read our rental agreement as to what our limited liability is.

Does the electrical or water ever go out? What do I do? MOST times it is not an “issue”, and there is electrical service, but things do not always work the same as in the states. In fact, Puerto Rico is well known for electrical supply issues and has been struggling with their power system. Keep the refrigerator door closed, and go to the beach. Everything seems to always work out ok. Chill, relax, enjoy, and take things as they come. Walk the beach, take in the sights or find a restaurant to hang out at for a little while. To notify the power company of an outage, or to ask how long before power is restored you can contact the electrical service company Autoridad de Energia Electrica de Puerto Rico 787-521-3434 or 800-981-2434. Water does stop from time to time, but we have water reserve tanks, so most times you will not be aware of any water issues. Please remember, we can only provide you, what is provided to us. We are not liable for any issues that are beyond our control. See our limits liability in the Rental Agreement.

Do you have backup generators? No. Most generators can only power 1 or maybe two items, like either the refrigerator or lights in 1 room. It is VERY expensive to get a large enough one that could power everything! Normally, you would have to stay at a larger resort or hotel to find them. We are not a resort. We are like 95% of the other private homes in the area for the few times (and few hours) it might go out.

Do I need to rent a car? My opinion – Short answer is “Yes”, I suggest that you do. Rincon is a smaller town and getting a taxis is NOT easy. To get to all the places you may want to go, you should have a car. You should also be aware that parking at the beach is always limited. We offer off-street parking on a first come, first served basis. In the past, parking on-street in front of the home has not been a problem, but if you are traveling with a group, all efforts should be made to consolidate so you have as few vehicles as possible

What is the ocean like? Is it safe to go in the water? Yes, the water is very safe. I have never heard of any shark attacks. We are on the calm water “swimming” (south) side of Rincon. The water is a warm 82 plus degrees year round. At the water’s edge, there is a smooth rock ledge which extends out about 30 feet and is about 4 feet deep. This makes for great swimming. If you enjoy snorkeling, check out the fish that hang out at the far end of the rock ledge. Caution: We cannot guarantee great weather, calm waters, etc. Weather and storms come and go and so does the size of the waves and the size of our beach. But, most of the time, we have gentle waves, clear water, and a nice mostly sandy beach. A short distance away on the north side of the point is where the surfers go, which is considered the “surf” side because the waves are greater than the south side.

What language is spoken? Puerto Rico’s official languages are both Spanish and English. While Spanish is the island’s primary language, English is widely spoken and you should not have any problems, particularly in the tourism areas.

Can we drink the water? Yes, but most people still (as they do in the US) drink bottled water. We also just added a water purification (R/O) system in all units. Is there a currency exchange? No, Puerto Rico is part of the U.S. and the currency is the good old U.S. dollar.

Do you share or sell my information with others? No, we do not give or sell any information about you to others without your express permission. Our site uses secure forms in which you give us information about yourself (your name address, credit card information, email address, etc). This information is used only to process a reservation with us. At no time is this information ever shared with anyone else. Also, your credit card information, and personal data are encrypted and secured through a link to our server. Your information is encrypted during its trip across the Internet to prohibit viewing by a third party.

Why is Villa 1, 3, and Villa 4 more costly than Villa 2? There are many upgrades in Villa 1, Villa 3, and Villa 4 over Villa 2. A few examples are: The towels are larger and thicker, the bed linens have a higher thread count, we offer nicer glassware. We wanted to keep some units more “basic” and a “great value”, for those that are watching the budget, but all Villas are just a few homes apart, on the same beautiful beach, and both are fully furnished.

How do most people get to Rincon? Most visitors fly into San Juan and rent a car and drive over. The roads are good and the drive to the west coast is easy, and takes about 2 hours. You may also want to spend a day or night exploring Old San Juan and all it has to offer. If you prefer to fly, there is easy access to the west coast by flying into Raphael Hernandez Airport in Aguadilla (airport code BQN). Also there are a few flights that fly into Eugenio María de Hostos Airport, Mayagüez (MAZ). It is located on the north side of Mayaguez, which is just south of Rincon. It is more of a private airport and not served by any larger airlines.