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All repairs are done and we are back to normal.  


Since Hurricane Maria, I am happy to say we have everything back to normal!  The one exception is the amount of sand on the beach which seems to change almost daily.  In the past we had a very large sandy beach area, but the extreme waves of the hurricane took a LOT of our sand away.  It is not just us, it happened all over Puerto Rico.  One of the most asked questions is “How is the Beach”?  It is very hard question to answer since the amount of sand seems to come and go (mother nature type of thing).  All I can do is provide pictures, but keep in mind they are just a “snapshot in time”. Overall.. it seems to be slowly coming back to “pre hurricane conditions”.  

Disclaimer: It is Hard/Impossible for me to predict exactly what the beach will be like on the day of YOUR stay.  


We do have steps to the water and enjoying the ocean and beach depends on the weather and if there are waves.  If the waves are huge and active, please take care. When it is calm, it is easy to get in and out of the water and it can be a great “Family Friendly” beach area when nature decides.   Wade out farther and it is nice and flat and no rocks!  Nice calm waters about knee to waste deep..  Here are comments from past guest that just stayed with us:  “We were able to get in the ocean directly behind the property!  That day there was not much of a beach, but once we go in the water and past the small waves, we were good to go.”  


Good news!  Right next door there is a public beach with very few people.  It always seems to have a nice, larger size, sandy beach!  In addition, our rooftop pool is always open and refreshing!  


Tip: If the pictures are not showing below, try viewing in Chrome or Explorer browser. If using Edge browser you need to adjust your settings just call us. Or view the photos on our new web site  



















The pictures above shows beach conditions directly by our villas.  We try to show all days, not just days of a nice sandy beach.  Some days there is less sand and there some days where there is more sand.  You can always get in the water, snorkel and enjoy the ocean!  Keep in mind there is always a nice sandy public beach next door.


The people of Puerto Rico count on and need tourists to visit their island!  

Please help the people of Puerto Rico and book a trip shortly!